here is the Summary (with photos) of SwitchOn put together by Arkedutainment on Sunday 2nd Oct 2016, @Art and Culture Abuja .....WATCH, DOWNLOAD AND SHARE...... plus some Gossips you dont have to miss....

For the past three months, what has been on social media was #switchON…  When TNB the CEO of Arkedutainment contacted  I am Best TV to tell us about #SwitchOn, we were wondering what switch On is all about and why he would decide to tag it with such name. Though he made us understand that Switch On is a movement by Arkedutainment to switch this generation to God’s clan, nice vision I said. I am Best TV crew were present on
Sunday 2nd of Oct. 2016 at the Switch On event with I am Best Networks reporters at the venue: Art and Culture Abuja… It was fun worshipping God musically, politically, poetically and in prayers. Though the event which was suppose to start by 2pm didn’t start until 4pm, yet all the music ministers were present, political ministers were also there, prayer and poetic ministers were not absent. I hail the sound engineers, they were the bomb ….. Here is the summary of the event in pictures…. Enjoy


-This is G-Diya sitting with Jclone(Gospel, inspirational and moral Rapper). Oya, I want to do small ‘amebo’….. I AM BEST NETWORKS reporter gathered that Jclone and Gdiya are deeply in a ‘LOVE’ affair. That their relationship is not just musical or physical but intimate and they are thinking of walking to the Altar soon to be pronounced as….. No be my mouth una go hear that one oooo *LOL* 

Gdiya is a great song minister…. She is unique and remember she is the owner and founder of  ‘Tell me sis’

Praise and worship session led by Arkedutainment Choir

Steve Willis was present and he came with friends… He was the first to minister and he left immediately because he had a flight to catch. He mimed his latest song, ‘ standing n the gap’… some people in the congregation wondered why a minister like him had to mime instead of doing live performance…. But yet, to me, I enjoyed his ministration.  I love him 

E-Daniels , his manager and crew members. I tell you this man and his crew are great. His ministration was spirit touching

These are political ministers who came to Switch On to minister to us politically and financially. Chairman Bwari Area Council and his colleagues . They lunched and supported the cutting of the cake. 

Wow… prosper Ochima is just  Holy Ghost filled minister… I was blessed

T philz ministering. He is a great singer

This is Sarah Tukurah and her colleague Lawrence speaking and about Gbagyi who are indigence of Abuja how they have been marginalized 

This is Roland Praise. This guy has a Unique and beautiful voice, he is gentle and carries anointing

This is TNB the CEO of Arkedutainment, He told every one the vision of his company and they sang three HOT songs with his choir

MC Dariya…. He is a great mc. If you need a world class MC, he is just that person you need.

Miss Gbagyi was there to show her support and Love for TNB

Kheve D, the only officially signed music Artiste of Arkedutainment

Simon Reign, a music minister doing his best songs he loves… Days of Elijah by Donnie Mc

i am best tv crew with a friend

Damn!!! the pix are looking blunt, dont mind the photographer. These are the guys making up I am Best Tv crew.... They are lovely and hard working... Sam(i am best Tv Manager), Reuben of, Stephen Samson of Star Stive studios, Shedy Elisha and Matthew(friend of i am best tv)... 
I love Arkedutainment, I love Switch On, I love TNB,,,,,, Sir TNB, pls make switch On every month.... The whole event was a great one, more grace and I am best tv and i am best networks will always partner with you.... Hey guys support Arkedutanment pleaese....!!!!
#iambest #Godisincharge

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