Public service announcement: Dance to Runtown by Clem J and win a prize

Runtown by Clem J has been trending and its still trending, at this point we want every one to be involved. Are you a dancer or you have flare for dance? Here is an opportunity for you to express yourself.
Just dance to Clem J's music - Runtown, record it and send the video clip of your Runtown Dance video via this whatsapp number...08130286036.

The Runtown dance video clip with the highest likes and comments becomes the winner. The winner will have the privilege to dance  with Clem J in his music video, the winner will also be given free internet subscription  for one month on any network of his/her choice and other packages follows. Finally, I am Best networks will give out to the winner, a product from Fadek Creations.
You can be the winner. Just download Runtown by Clem J, dance to it and send your Runtown dance video clip to us. Remember it's via whatsapp... 08130286036

Click here to download Runtown

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