C.E.O of Laweppa MakeOver had a motivational interview with I am Best Tv and she discussed how one can begin a business with no amount and yet succeed... Watch, enjoy and share

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I am Best Tv was with Sir John B(Beyonce' make up artiste) of Nigeria in the person of  C E O of  Laweppa Make Over (Elizabeth Ibrahim) She discussed how she started her business and how you too can begin a lasting, great and profiting  business with no money and yet be a millionaire.... Laweppa Make Over is an award wining make up artiste, she has worked with great people like E-Daniels, Blessing Daniel, Miss Gbagyi of Nigeria and a lot more. She has worked with great movie industries and has been called to make up in national events and super weddings...  Have you ever needed a world class make up artiste to do magic on your face? or to work on your skin hey, Laweppa Make Over is here... Watch, enjoy and download an interview with her #iambest #Godisincharge

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