Maigirma: Face of I am Best networks. Congratulations to him

About a month ago I am Best networks was on a search for  Face of I am Best networks. There were conditions and criteria for contestants.

At the end of the contest we were able to carefully pick The Face of I am Best networks. His name is Maigirma. Maigirma met all criteria for the contest. We will give a brief profile of Maigirma and he will also be featured in one of I am Best TV's interview next year.
Here is a profile of the Face of I  am Best networks

- Name:  Nahum Chikudu Yusuf (Maigirma)
-Birth background: Born in General hospital Bwari in Abuja on 17th August 1988
Education: pilot science primary School Bwari, GDSS Bwari,
 IBB University Lapai Niger state.
-Work, Profession and Hobby: He works with JAMB. He is a business man. He is a publicist,an image promoter and a model.
    *He has appeared in music videos.

- Favourite meal: Jellof rice and salad with goat meat
Facebook handle: maigirma Nahum Maigirma

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